The Near Journal

*just got new hardcovers in, have not had the chance to take updated product photos. Not much has changed, but the ribbons are silver and blue instead of yellow and green. Just giving customers a heads up*

One high quality Near Journal. This 90 day journal helps you organize your daily quiet time with God; regardless of what you want to read, study, memorize, and improve.

Make the commitment today to draw near to God. The Near Journal's simple layout helps you stay focused on what God is teaching you; and the action-oriented prompts nudge you toward your spiritual goals.

The lay-flat design, blank perforated pages at the back, and high quality paper ensure you have the best experience possible on your journey.

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Giving Back

We support churches, youth groups, and youth organizations. For every 4 Near Journals that we sell, we donate 1 free Near Journal, so that ministries can help new believers and young people develop a quality quiet time and start off on the right foot. To submit a youth group for consideration; please click here.

Or, if you are interested in placing a bulk order, click here.