Our Story

The Draw Near Journey

I’ve been a Christian for a long time, and I always felt I was missing something. I felt there were an overwhelming amount of things I needed to do. Unfortunately, it was very difficult for me to do even the easiest things, like reading scripture and praying, on a consistent basis.

It all seemed so confusing and overwhelming. Many of my friends felt the same way. Even if we did go to church, it sometimes just made us feel more frustrated at ourselves since we weren’t doing what we knew we should be doing. Why did having a simply daily time with God feel so difficult? So monumentally tricky?

So I started looking for a way to solve my problem.

I started browsing Amazon and other christian stores for some sort of notebook or devotional that could help me stay organized spiritually. I wanted something to help keep me on track—with both the easy and more difficult pieces of the Christian walk.

No matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find anything that would help. Everything was just prewritten - full of other people's thoughts and ideas. Those were good sometimes, but I wanted something to be my own; where I could learn and study what I wanted to.

That’s when I decided to create the Near Journal to solve my own problem. The elements contained within this journal have helped me tremendously in my own personal walk with God.

It took me over 20 iterations to settle on the final design. I added, I subtracted, I got input from friends, mentors, and strangers. The final result is a wonderful blend of simplicity and structure - perfect for new believers and seasoned Christians alike - from all walks of life and denominations.

Only by the grace of God have I been able to design and develop this tool, and I hope you agree after trying it, that the Near Journal is a straightforward and honest way to develop and strengthen lifelong Christian habits that will change your life and bring you closer to God.

Jacob was born with a passion to help others succeed. He is an encourager that brings out the best in people, and Draw Near Co. was founded to do the same.