Take your quiet time to the next level.

The Near Journal

One high quality Near Journal. This 90 day journal helps you organize your daily quiet time with God; regardless of what you want to read, study, memorize, and improve.

Make the commitment today to draw near to God. The Near Journal's simple layout helps you stay focused on what God is teaching you; and the action-oriented prompts nudge you toward your spiritual goals.

The lay-flat design, blank perforated pages at the back, and high quality paper ensure you have the best experience possible on your journey.

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How it Works

The Near Journal simpifies your daily devotional by providing structure without telling you what to read or study. In 90 days, you'll read, write, memorize, express gratitude, pray, and grow in an area that is important to you. Having a quality quiet time shouldn't be hard.

Achieve your god-given potential

You want to get closer to God, we totally get it. But it is difficult. Hard. There are things that pop up; family, work, stress, and sometimes just simple laziness or forgetfulness prevents you from spending quality time with God. That was us too.

Then you finally get things going, and it fades away. There is just SO much to do! The checklist of things we feel that we need to do is overwhelming. Memorizing bible verses. Daily reading. Being thankful. Praying more. Improving our weaknesses.

It can get complicated fast. That's where the Near Journal comes in.

A simple daily layout that helps take the confusion out of a daily quiet time, while providing a backbone that helps you memorize scripture and grow spiritually. All in one simple journal.

The below images show you a sample of some of the elements contained in the Near Journal:

Come as you are

Our goal when designing the Near Journal was to create something suitable for both new believers and seasoned veterans of the faith. If you are trying to develop a good quiet time habit, following the provided prompts gives a great foundation to work from that you don't need to plan or figure out.

For more experienced believers, the Near Journal complements other devotional books and studies nicely; giving you more room to answer the questions they pose, while also helping you ensure you are on track with scripture memorization and other things that normal bible studies do not cover.

Below is a sample of the daily layout, click to expand: