Near Journal Paperback - Pack of 12 - $11 each

A pack of 12 high quality, paperback copies of the Near Journal. This is perfect for a large event, a youth group, supplying church small groups, or giving as a gift to staff or volunteers.

The Near Journal's simple layout helps you stay focused on what God is teaching you; and the action-oriented prompts nudge you toward your spiritual goals.

We built the Near Journal to take some of the heavy lifting out of having a quiet time. Your goal can be to just open the Near Journal each day, then follow along as you read, write, memorize, express gratitude, and work on improving your life. 

These ship USPS Priority Mail.

*Not for individual resale*

Giving Back

We support churches, youth groups, and youth organizations. For every 4 Near Journals that we sell, we donate 1 free Near Journal, so that ministries can help new believers and young people develop a quality quiet time and start off on the right foot. To submit a youth group for consideration; please click here.

Or, if you are interested in placing a bulk order, click here.